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Nizamams Necropolis, Hyderabad

The historic necropolis of Shah Wajeehuddin, near Tando Qaisar via Tando Jam, the last abode of elders and notables of Nizamani clan, who were the right hand of Talpur rulers. Qaisar Khan Nizamani-1 and Ghulam Ali Nizamani and other notables are buried here. A carved stone grave bearing the name as Late Ghulam Alison of Qaisar Khan Nizamani-1, 6th Rabiul Awal 1212 A.H. The graves are surrounded by dense jungle of devi, kandi and wild bushes. Most of the carved stone graves are either ruined or lost under the thick and thorny bushes. This writer and his team cleansed carved stone graves for better photography. This is the much neglected private graveyard.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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