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Civil Court, Hyderabad

Old Civil Court of Hyderabad, which was built in 1929 was demolished in 2004 paving the way for construction of Judicial Complex in its place. It situated just opposite to Collector’s House. Following the decision to demolish this building and constructing a judicial complex on its place, Pakistan Heritage Preservation & Promotion Society (PHPPS) headed by this writer challenged the decision in Sindh High Court, Hyderabad bench.

It was the property of Government of Sindh under Survey No. 1302 and Ruled Card No. 1462. The building was a beautiful landmark of Hyderabad dating back to the colonial era, providing litigants and lawyers with a serene ambiance. Its vast verandas were a great sight to behold.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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