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Khudh Khan Daro, Badin

The Khudh Khan Daro is a large site, its measurements are 389 meters in length, 227 meters in breath and about 12 meters high from the surrounding cultivated area, its elevation above sea level is 165 ft. The surface of the mound is undulating and covered with wild shrubs.

The cultural material is sparsely scattered over the mound which clearly belongs to the Islamic period, it includes: plain and painted pottery, glazed pottery, black ware with incised design, terracotta grinder for separating husk, shell, iron nails and sand stone. Painting in black in various designs is commonly found in the sites of Islamic period along with glazed pottery, which was mostly damaged by natural agents, human vagaries and animal movements. There is evidence of hearth visible on the site and there is a water reservoir, presently dry, on the western side of the mound.

PERIOD: Islamic, CHRONOLOGY: 12th to 18th Century AD. ACCESSIBILITY: The Khudh Khan Daro is located approximately 6.27 kilometers south-west of Seerani and about 2.69 kms north of Aaseli Mound. DATE OF SURVEY: May 10th, 2018

Source: CDC - EFT

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