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Kakejani and Deveri, Badin

The site of Kakejani also known as Deveri (hereafter it would be mentioned Kakejani). It is a large site, measuring 373 meters in length, 175 meters in breath and about 12 meters high from the surrounding cultivated area and its elevation above sea level is 140 ft.

Cultural material comprises of plain and painted pottery, painted glazed pottery, bowls, toy ship, terracotta husk remover, animal figurines, shells and carved yellow stone grinders. The cultural material clearly belonged to the Islamic period.

Burnt bricks with incised design similar to Kot Bambhan site bricks were also found from the site.

The surface of the mound had presence burnt bricks and brick bats and traces of a burnt bricks circular shaped thul. Local version is that few years back there was a high circular thul (similar to Kot Bambhan thul). It was a very high circular tower/thul but due to natural and human vagaries it collapsed. The site is encroached by recent graveyard.

PERIOD: Islamic (12th to 18th century AD). ACCESSIBILITY: The site of Kakejani is located approximately 10.5 kms north east of Golarchi city and about 4.87km south east of Rahoki on Tarai link road, Taluka Golarchi and District Badin. Surveyed by CDC-EFT - March 14th and May 9th, 2018.

Source: CDC - EFT

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