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Jurkus Dinnani Dargah, Badin

The dargah of Jurkus Dinani is situated about 8 kms off in the south-east of Pangrio town, via village Chaudhri Deen Muhammad Kamboh. In the premises of the shrine of Jurkus Dinnani, also situated the shrine of Jurkus Jeelani. The twin dargahs are situated on the bank of abandoned course of mighty river locally famous as Puraan (means old). It is in Deh Jurkus and Union Council Jurkus. Jurkus Faqeer was Rathorre by caste. The dardah is surrounded by wild bushes and a vast lake flows nearby. It is said nobody can hook a fish from it nor anyone can kill any animal from the jungle. The mela take place in the month of April every year. Muhammad Hussain Dars is the Gadi Nashin of dargah.

Just on a walking distance from this shrine lies yet an other dargah of BB Abida alias Maee Bumbi Jatni. People from far off places like Karachi regularly visit here and pay respect to get their wishes come true. A cheat posing to be the mujawir of the shrine was found sitting in the premises, who usually engage the new comers in explaining the spiritual heights of the saint in order to make his earning. Young women suffering from different ailments usually visit here and spend their unprotected nights in the premises of shrine.

Text and Photographs: Badin: History Unfolds by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Khalid Hanif

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