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Jakhran-Jo-Daro and Khathar Daro, Badin

The site of Jasothan-Jo-Daro is also known as Jakhran-Jo-Daro and Khathar Daro (hereafter it would be mentioned Jasothan-Jo-Daro).

The cultural materials was profusely scattered over the site which clearly belonged to the Islamic period, it included: plain and painted pottery, painted glazed pottery, miniature pots, different shapes of terracotta complete oil lamps, spoons, dabber, grinder for separating husk, animal figurines, stone grinders in different colors (yellow, black and gray), sand stone, shell objects, shell bangles and cones, multi colored beads (red, black, white and green) and copper coins. One stone object incised with deep finger impressions and application of orange colour (Sindoor) was also found on the site.

PERIOD: Islamic (12th to 18th century AD). ACCESSIBILITY: The Jasothan-Jo-Daro is located approximately 5.62 kilometers west of Kario Ganhwar town and about 2.32 km west of Khaskheli Oil Field, Taluka Golarchi, District Badin. Surveyed by CDC-EFT - March 14th and May 9th, 2018. Previous survey and partial excavation by Culture Department Govt. of Sindh in 2018.

Source: CDC - EFT

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