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Chang Daro, Badin

The Chang Daro is named after the Chang Community living around the site. It is a very large site, divided into two parts, mound-01 (south-west) and Mound-02 (north -east). The measurements of mound-01 (south-west) are 169 meters in length, 132 meters in breath and about 8 meters high from the surrounding cultivated area and its elevation above sea level is 33 ft. The Mound-02 (north-east) is located at a distance of about 110 meters north-east of mound-01, its measurements are 166 meters in length, 112 meters in breath and about 10 ft. height from the surrounding surface, its elevation above sea level is 37 ft. There are traces of burnt bricks structure visible on the western side of the mound-02.

The cultural materials scattered over the mounds-01 and 02 clearly belong to the Islamic period, it includes: plain and painted pottery, glazed pottery, miniature pots, terracotta pipe, terracotta grinder for separating husk, terracotta broken part of a boat, shell objects, iron nails and sand stone. Painting in black in various designs on the rim of the pots is commonly found in the sites of Islamic period along with glazed pottery. Both mounds of the site are encroached by recent graveyard.

PERIOD: Islamic (12th to 18th century AD). ACCESSIBILITY: The site Chang daro is located approximately 5.32 kilometers north-west of Seerani and in village Soomar Chang, Taluka Golarchi, District Badin. Surveyed by CDC-EFT - May 10th, 2018.

Source: CDC - EFT

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