Bargah, Dargah, Shrine, Tomb

Barrage, Bridge, Regulator, Well

Canopy, Cave, Grave, Graveyard, Smadi

Bazar, Cinema, Garden, Hall, Museum, Hospital, Park, Town

Colonial Period Structure, Church

Ashram, Darbar, Dharamshala, Gaoshala, Gurdwara, Temple

Daro, Mound, Site, Ruins

Eidgah, Mosque, Imam Bargah

Factory, Gas Field, Power Station, Power House, Workshop

Fort, Canon

Government Building / Office, Jail, Railway Station, Police Station, Airport

Haveli, Palace

Guest House, Hostel, Hotel, Rest House

Institution, Library

Light House, Port

City, Monuments, Otaq, Residency

Stupa, Thul

Gate, Tower, Monument

About Campaign

The Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, a trust formed for the preservation of Sindh’s heritage, is organizing a campaign whereby you can tell us of heritage buildings in your locale.

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What is Heritage

One’s heritage is their identity and tells them where they have come from, what morals, values or traditions they had, how they used to conduct daily life, and also highlights the mistakes that they made that led them to their demise.

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How can you Help?

Take a picture with your cell phone, gather the geographical coordinates and some information of the site and send it our way. All credible information will be shared on this with your name. We will also appreciate if you already have data and want to share it.

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