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Tando Allahyar: Torki Graveyard

CDC-EFT | Oct 18, 2019

The graveyard is located in Miyan Wahyun about 16 kilometers south of Tando Adam

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Tando Allahyar: Abdul Hameed Buchari

EFT | Jul 02, 2019

Located 25 km southeast of Tando Allahyar town is the shrine complex of Abdul Hameed Buchari

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Tando Allahyar: Ibrahim Shah Tomb

CDC-EFT | Apr 10, 2017

The tomb of Ibrahim Shah is located in the Village of Pir Noor Muhammad Shah Jillani

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Tando Allahyar: Watayo Faqir

EFT | Oct 19, 2019

Watayo Faqir had born in 1643 near Umerkot todays Tharparkar District.

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About Campaign

The Endowment Fund Trust for Preservation of the Heritage of Sindh, a trust formed for the preservation of Sindh’s heritage, is organizing a campaign whereby you can tell us of heritage buildings in your locale.

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What is Heritage

One’s heritage is their identity and tells them where they have come from, what morals, values or traditions they had, how they used to conduct daily life, and also highlights the mistakes that they made that led them to their demise.

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How can you Help?

Take a picture with your cell phone, gather the geographical coordinates and some information of the site and send it our way. All credible information will be shared on this with your name. We will also appreciate if you already have data and want to share it.

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