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Collectors Katcheri, Hyderabad

Gadi Khata area of the town is abundantly rick with architectural edifices pertaining to Colonial era. Although a large number of private or the public sector buildings became extinct because of growing commercialism and carelessness of law enforcement agencies to protect the historical architecture, however, there are still many which add scenic beauty to the whole area. A cluster of old buildings in the same vicinity comprising Collector's Katcheri, Mukhtiarkar Office, Old Campus of Sindh University, Collector's Residence, Dialdas Club, K.B. Azeem Building, Metharam Hostel, Besant Hall, DPO Office, GPO, Radio Station, Old Lockups of jail inmates and a large number of private buildings make this part of the town an exclusive heritage zone.

Collector's Katchehri is situated on a hillock. It is said that the old building was destroyed in a blaze incident in 1906. It was rebuilt in 1912 at an estimated cost of Rs. 2,80,000. It's double storey structure is a mixed work of yellow Jungshahi stone and red brick masonry. The 'jali' work of Jodhpur stone is most impressive and has enhanced beauty of its front elevation.

Following the development of additional infrastructure, all the offices of District Administration have been shifted from here and building has been converted into the offices of District and Session Court.

[Source: Text and images: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: EFT]

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