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Moomal Ji Mari, Ghotki

Moomal-Ji-Mar is located 10.5 kilometers south-west of Ghotki town in Taluka Ghotki District Ghotki. Moomal-ji-Mari is historically associated with the legendary Hindu girl named Moomal daughter of Hindu Raja Nand, and this mound is supposed to be the legendry palace of Moomal.

The other version is that this fort was constructed around 590 AD during the reign of Rai Sahasi II. And is one of the six mud forts constructed by him, namely, Uchh, Mathelah, Sewrai, Mau, Alor and Siwistan. Presently the Moomal-ji-Mari is in the shape of a disturb mound encroached by the local people. The mound stands about 50 ft high from the ground level and there is some evidence of old bricks visible in the cutting of the mound. The surface finds include glazed, plain, and stamped pottery, animal figurines and coins.

[Source: CDC-EFT]

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Moomal Ji Mari Moomal Ji Mari Moomal Ji Mari Moomal Ji Mari Moomal Ji Mari

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