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Maroo Thul, Dadu

Maroo Thul is located approximately 6.13 km north-east of Fareedabad, it is of the Buddhist period. These stupas or Thuls were most probably constructed between 2nd-7thcentury A.D, in Sindh.

Originally the thul was constructed in three parts (visible in old photographs of the thul) but presently due to natural and human vagaries, only two parts of the thul are remaining, the inner core made of burnt bricks and outer of mud.

The exterior or outer part of the thul is irregular in shape, its northern side length is 47'-7" and its eastern side width is 5' and western side width 9'-8'. It is constructed with mud bricks with mud mortar. There are traces of stairs leading to the top of the thul on the western side. The inner part or inner core of the thul is cylindrical in shape, its diameter is 4'-2" (inner side) and 8'-8' (outer part), the width of brick masonry is 2'-3', the height of the outer wall and the inner core is 12 ft. It is constructed with burnt bricks (11"x 7" x 3") with mud mortar. The inner core and the external mud structure has partially collapsed.

[Source: CDC-EFT]

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