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Shah Badeeuddin Tomb, Badin

Hazrat Shah Badeeuddin alias Shah Badee is known to be the disciple of Hazrat Ghous Bahauddin Zakaria Multani. He belongs to Suhrawardri school of thought and he stayed to preach in the coastal belt until his death. The decedents of Hazrat Shah Badeeuddin live in the nearby village known as "Qureshian Jo Goth" (Momin Bullo). The graveyard consists of three structures, one collapsed tomb of Shah Badeeudin, one burnt brick collapsed funerary structure and grave under the temporary shelter. There are several other graves scattered in this graveyard. The architecture of Shah Badeeudin tomb resembles with Kalhora period architecture.

PERIOD: Kalhora (18th century AD), surveyed by CDC-EFT - August 03th, 2017. ACCESSIBILITY: This site is situated on the left bank of Mir Wah about 04 kms north-west of Badin/Sujawal road.

[Source: CDC - EFT | Old Photographs: Badin: History Unfolds by Momin Bullo]

Open in Google Map: 24.3889958, 68.9478277

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