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Jungshahi Railway Station, Thatta

Jungshahi, a union council of Thatta taluka, is situated eighteen kilometers away from Makli hills, in the north of Thatta, and thirteen miles west of the district capital Thatta. It is located in the west of Karachi. It is an important town of Thatta district, for commerce and business. There is a railway station; during British rule the North-Western Railway connected the town with Karachi.

It is said that, Jungshahi was a high-flying saint, from whence it borrowed the name, whose tomb is some kilometers away from the town. Population of this town is about two thousand souls, mostly Muslim. Inhabitants are mainly Jokhia, Palija, Manchri, Jakhra, Kashmiri, Pathan, Punjabi and Muhajars. It is head-quarter of said union council. There a boys' high school, girls' high school, rural health center, post office, police post. The citizens of Jungshahi has advantages of water supply and electricity, but not gas. The "Balushahi" (sweet muddle) of Jungshahi are famous for their delicacy and taste. The prominent personalities of this town include political leader Rasul Bux Palejo, parliamentarian Ghulam Qadir Palejo, and businessman Hamzo Khan Palejo, Ghulam Mustafa Jakhro, Ali Mohammad Jokhio, Mohammad Ilyas Jokhio and Dilmurad Jokhio.

In mid nineteenth century, the road, connecting the town of Thatta with the Sindh railway at Jungshahi, was metalled. There are some valuable quarries of stone close to Jungshahi, which were used by the Sindh railway authorities, who had a station in town, but in the British period, Jungshahi was considered a village. Excellent stone was also found in the vicinity of this town, and stone rollers were manufactured in the town by that name for the Government.

[Source: Text: Thatta A Historical Reflection by District Government Thatta | Photographs: Google Map Users | Coordinates: EFT]

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Jungshahi Railway Station Jungshahi Railway Station Jungshahi Railway Station Jungshahi Railway Station Jungshahi Railway Station Jungshahi Railway Station

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