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Qalandari Leghari Graveyard, Dadu

The Qalandari Leghari graveyard is located in village Qubo Qalandar, at a distance of about 10 kms north-west of Johi town. The graveyard consists of six tomb structures, besides this there are some old and recent graves in the surroundings. The architecture of the tombs resembles with Kalhora period architecture. Qalandari Leghari’s were the off-springs of Suhrab Khan Kaachhi (of Kaachho) Leghari who was the disciple of Mian Nasir Muhammad Kalhoro. ACCESSIBILITY: The site is located about 10 kms north-west of Johi town on the left bank of Manchar Lake.

[Source: CDC-EFT]

Open in Google Map: 26.789333, 67.439406

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