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Garrho Ghot Grave, Sukkur

´╗┐An stone carved grave inscribing the name as Syed Yaqoob son of Mir Miran Rizvi Albukhari, 1091 AH, is locally popular as the grave of Garrho Ghot (red groom). Some say it's the grave of Mir Yaqoob Ali Khan-I, while many different theories and claim that the grave was built by Mir Yaqoob Ali. In fact Mir Yaqoob Ali Khan-I's grave has been identified at huge compound in the premises of Kot mir Yaqoob Ali Shah, near to a Kot.

Garrho Ghot's mazar is situated in village Loung Bhatti in Rohri Cement Factory. No future details about the history of grave were available.

(Documented on November 10, 2013)

[Source: Sukkur: Nostalgia of things past by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: EFT]

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Garrho Ghot Grave Garrho Ghot Grave

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