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Siraee Jo Makaan, Khairpur

Siraee Jo Makaan (house of Siraee) is the last resting abode of a man named Wahid Bakhsh, deep mthe heart of and zone on Faiz Ganj road (originating from Tajal), as many as 35 kms off Tajal. Siraee's Makaan comprises over three buildings which included his tomb, a mosque, and few rest rooms. The story goes that on one fine day one gent e man named Siraee Wahid Bakhsh resident of Kathorre, accompanying his friend, who happened to be an Aamil and an employee of irrigation department, came to this area and carried out excavation at a particular site and reportedly discovered a treasure's trove. They equally distributed the discovered treasure between each other. This story is stated to be of 19505.

His friend after getting his share left to his ancestral town in Punjab, while Siraee after getting his share carried out philanthropic activity in the area. He digged a nearly 1000 feet deep well near his Makaan in the arid zone creating a source of water for the local dwellers and their animals. This monumental well is about 2 kilo meters away from the Makan. It is surrounded by wild trees like Kandee and Babool. He also got built the mausoleum of Berirri Waro Pir, near his Makan. The grand children of Siraee Wahid Bakhsh live in Tajal and the land of SAWAN Gas Field is owned by the son of SlRAEE Wahid Bakhsh.

[Source: Khairpur Jewel & Crown of Sindh by Momin Bullo]

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Siraee Jo Makaan Siraee Jo Makaan Siraee Jo Makaan

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