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Baqir Shah, Khairpur

Dargah Baqir Shah situated deep in hilly area in the west of Choondko town (about 30 kms from Choondko) is no more old architectural monument. Baqir Shah is stated to be the contemporary saint of Hazrat Sultan Adham. We approached the Dargah from Lambri Waro Talao and reached there after about a 45 minute drive. Syeda Nafeesa Shah, during her tenure as first Zila Nazim of Khairpur got built a road leading to this Dargah from the highway near Choondko. Dargah is located on the hilltop and is a much visited place by the pilgrims-cum-petitioners. They come here and leave the premises after inscribing a note on the wall. Some of the interesting petitions drafted on the interior of the wall by the innocent souls reads as;

"Baqir Shah Car Wathee day, Bakri Deendo sane…"

(by Faqeer Haider Ali Soomro)

"Dil ja raz pora ker te bakree deendo sane…"

"Baqir Shah nokri millet ae hazree tee endo sane…"

[Source: Khairpur Jewel & Crown of Sindh by Momin Bullo]

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