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Qadir Bakhsh Memon House, Khairpur

The residence of Dr. Qadir Bakhsh Memon House in the Bodla Bahar Mohalla of Ranipur is more than 100 years old. Spreading over an acre with three stories, this house was purchased by Dr. Qadir Bakhsh for Rs. 14000 at the time of partition. This haveli was constructed by Saith Motiram, a prosperous landlor od Ranipur. Before partition this haveli was surrounded by an orchard and was used to be a Baithak or Otaq (rest house) of Saith Moti Ram. This haveli's orchard was irrigated by Ali Bahar Wah, which flows close to it. The roof of the haveli is made of now a rare Burma Teak. The present residents doing justice with the building have tried their best to maintain and preserve it in all possible manners. The wooden roof is shining with the recent paint. Besides this building Dr. Qadir Bakhsh owns yet another building of similar architecture and almost belonging to the same period of construction. Here lives his son Dr. Iqbal Hussain Memon.

[Source: Khairpur Jewel & Crown of Sindh by Momin Bullo]

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Qadir Bakhsh Memon House Qadir Bakhsh Memon House Qadir Bakhsh Memon House

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