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Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh , Khairpur

Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh (1127-1207 hijri) Ujjan, a renowned sufi was the founder of Dargah of Ujjan faqeers in Khuhra Town. His father's name was Mian Muhammad Usman, his elder brother Chanan alies Ghani was the retainer of Makhdoom Abdul Rehman Shaheed, who died in an incident. After sometime, Mian Muhammad Usman had another son, who who was named as Chaneeh, who spuung as a great sufi poet of his time. Mian Chaneeh had three sons: Mian Faqeer Muhammad, Mian Khawand Dino and Mian Muhammad Zakir. Cheneeh Fqeer's elder son Mian Faqeer Muhammad died in 1812. While Mian Muhammad Zakir was a very fine Sindhi poet, who composed poetry in different genres, like Madah, Kaafi etc. Mian Faqeer Muhammad had two sons, named Mian Muhammad Ali alias Pakhe Dhani (died in 1840 and Mian Muhmammad Fazil. Mian Muhammad Zakir's son Mian Raaz Dino was also a good poet.

The old mausoleum complex of Chaneeh Faqeer in Khurrha Town has an ancient mosque, having a narrow passage towards a chamber housing cluster of graves of Ujjan faqeers. Recently, a book entitled as "Nisoro Neenh" on the life and time of sufi saint Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh Ujjan Faqeer has been brought out by Mr. Zulfiqar Ujjan, under the aegis of Bakhshi Trust, Khuhrrha. The book contains macro to micro level information about the sufi saint.

Behind the Dargah of Chaneeh Faqeer, there is an old single domed mausoleum of Faqeer Allah Baksh Ujjan. Faqeer Mian Noor Nabi Ujjan, Gadi Nasheen of Dargah says that Faqeer Allah Bakhsh and his faqeers used to sit here. After his departure during 1960s, this was converted into his last abode.

[Source: Khairpur Jewel & Crown of Sindh by Momin Bullo]

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Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh Hazrat Mian Muhammad Chaneeh

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