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Drewe Vernacular School, Jacobabad

The red bricked two-storied building of Drewe Vernacular School in present Channa Muhallah was established in 1936. The three liner commemorating stone on its front elevation reads as.

The school was the part of education reforms introduced by the British Government in the 1930s. The school was renamed after the then Deputy Commissioner of Jacobabad district. Mr. Drewe, who served in the mid 1930s. It comprises over eight class rooms with arched ways veranda. Arched ways in symmetrical order on the ground & first floor add to its beauty. A large portion of the school's old ground has been illegally encroached upon and occupied by the local residents. One of its upper portion has been damaged. The school building remained submerged in the flood water for several months but no harm could be caused to it. The school building needs to be preserved and declared as a national heritage.

[Source: Upper Sinde Frontier Jacobabad by Momin Bullo]

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Drewe Vernacular School Drewe Vernacular School

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