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Haji Abdul Ghani Khoso Haveli, Jacobabad

Almost a century old haveli of Haji Abdul Ghani Khoso situated in between the villages of Kot Jangoo and Sohbatpur, was ravaged by the last year's floods. We reached to the Haveli after visiting historic Mosque of Jangoo Khan. It is near to the road which leads to Thul town via Sohbatpur. As we approached the haveli with towering wooden gate, some employees deputed on the gate rushed to our vehicles and greeted us. Upon our demand to visit the haveli the servant struck bell hanging on the main gate and invited the owner to attend us. Amanullah Khan Khoso, the heir of Haji Abdul Ghani Khoso, who lives in the haveli took us inside and facilitated us its outer photography. The building is two storied and has total six rooms. Its veranda has 8 arched ways. The building remained submerged in the flood water for few months, which badly caused damage to its structures.

[Source: Upper Sinde Frontier Jacobabad by Momin Bullo]

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Haji Abdul Ghani Khoso Haveli Haji Abdul Ghani Khoso Haveli

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