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Shah Baharo, Larkana

Shah Baharo was a brave warrior from 18th Century who is well-known for fighting 84 battles during the Kalhoro rule and is also known responsible for restoring peace to Larkana when the Sindhi ruler Mian Noor Muhammad Kalhoro appointed him administrator of the area. In respect for Shah Baharo’s services and bravery his built was built later in 1773 and is located in Larkana.

The tomb is in a deplorable condition having cracks developed in the main structure, including the platform as result of heavy rainfall. Damp and groundwater have risen to an astonishing 18 feet into structure, severely damaged about half of the kasha-tiled façade. The frescoes on the interior walls have also deteriorated. Photographs below show us the damaged condition of the tomb before EFT took control of the conservation.

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