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Ruins of Village Adam Panhwar, Jacobabad

A yet to be explored archaeological site at a brief distance from Adam Khan Panhwar village is quite exposed to man made or the natural calamities alike. On one hand the uncontrolled salinity has played havoc with the unexposed site and on the other hand, the local villagers have encroached upon the ancient ruins and carved out space for agricultural activity. Mir Manzoor Hussain Panhwar, an influential of the area, claims that the people of the area had time and again collected many ornaments of gold and other valuable artifacts during their surface collection campaigns mostly in rainy seasons.

Like other ancient ruins spreading in different corners of the district, it is also known as Dumb Thar'ri. The mound is highly saturated with broken shreds of earthen pottery. The ruins spreads over few acres of land. Moreover, the local villagers have established graveyard in the premises of ruins. [Source: Upper Sinde Frontier Jacobabad by Momin Bullo]

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