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Site of Miranpur Burirro, Jacobabad

Miranpur Burirro situated about 20 kms off Dodapur in Taluka Garhi Khairo, is an ancient settlement with traces of ruins. It was once inhabitated by Hindu merchants in large number. Presently following castes are living in the village and its suburbs: Burirros, Buledis, Samos, Channa, Kumbhar, Rawaee, Sonani, Booharr, Dharpali,Brohi, Drigh, Menghwar, Khosos, Chandios and Syeds.

Not a single worth mentioning old building in the whole village has been spared. Almost all have been dismantled and replaced with new buildings on modern lines. A mound situated outside the village is hitherto an unexposed and undiscovered ancient ruins. A large portion of the ancient site has been encroached by the local villagers and has been utilized for agriculture purpose. The rich deposits of shreds of broken earthen pottery which spreads all over the site are at an advance stage of decay. In the middle of the ruins lies the tomb of Khalifo Nabi Bakhsh Burirro, who was the disciple of Hazrat Sultan Bahu. His date of birth or the death is neither known nor his grave bears any tomb stone. The tomb has fresco designs which also require retouching by the expert painter besides the preservation of the tomb which is also decaying. It is pertinent to mention here that the recent floods further deteriorated the structures of the historic tomb as well as destroyed the ancient site. [Source: Upper Sinde Frontier Jacobabad by Momin Bullo]

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