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Ancient Ruins of Tharirri Majan, Jacobabad

The ruins of Thrirri Majan are located in village Abdul Majeed alias Majan Usto. It is mound of mud with large deposits of broken shreds of ancient pottery spreading all over the site. The site is located on the way to Nawrra in Jakhrani Jagir.

Local people have established a graveyard with in the premises of this neglected historic site. Most ironically, no study has been undertaken on the site so far. Nor any specific information is available about these sites in any books particularly written during the colonial period. During the colonial times, the condition of this sort of archaeological site would have been very good & the British administration or the other researchers of the time could have identify them and brought them on the public notice, but unfortunately nothing worth mentioning material is available about these sites! [Source: Upper Sinde Frontier Jacobabad by Momin Bullo]

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