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Roop Mahal, Hyderabad

The two storeyed building comprising over multiple living rooms, called as Roop Mahal, is situated at the tail end of Tando Wali Muhammad and just opposite a grand mosque near triangular park. The building was constructed in 1942 by a Hindu philanthropist Roopchand, who intended to provide free accommodation to the Hindu visitors of the town belonging to different parts of Sindh, who either couldn’t afford the cost of hiring a room in a hotel or had any other problem. An other version suggests that it was built to provide free accommodation to needy and deserving students belonging to the rural parts of Sindh. Even though building do not bear an impressive look nor it bears features of traditional architecture of the time, but because of its significance as multi purpose plaza, it enjoys popularity in the area. Presently several families, mostly belinging to Cheepa community residing in the building. The building comprises more than fifty suites. Though, Roopchand had to leave his motherland following the 1947’s partition and obviously his dream didn’t come true but the sublime idea he carried in his mind, made him immortal and the entire locality became famous after his name.

[Source: Text and Old Photograph: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates and New photographs by EFT, Field Visit December 2018]

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