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Rajoo and Tajoo Lekhi, Hyderabad

Lekhi family flourished in Sindh during Kalhora period and was held in a high esteem. Its few stalwarts like Taj Muhammad alias Tajoo and Raja Fakir alias Rajoo Lekhi were the prominent advisors of the Kalhora Rulers. Taj Muhammad belonged to the period of Mian Naseer Muhammad Kalhoro. ‘Lekhi’ is a Sindhi word, which means ‘writer’. Adhering to the tradition of Moughal Rulers, the Kalhoras also encouraged intellectual class and brought them into their fold.

The reference of Raja Faqeer alias Rajoo Lekhi, was for the first time found during Mian Yaar Muhammad Kalhoro’s period (1699). It is said that when Mian Yaar Muhammad left Sindh and settled in Qalat, it was Raja Faqeer alias Rajoo Lekhi, who went to him and persuaded the former to return to his fiefdom. As a reward, Rajoo Lekhi was appointed as a top Advisor to the ruler. Rajoo Lekhi also took part in the battle between the army of Noor Muhammad Kalhoro and Daudpotas of Shikarpur in 1723.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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