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Old Police Station, Hyderabad

The double storeyed red bricked building housing market Police Station on Prince Ali Road, was built in 1928. It’s a colonial architecture. It comprises two airy lockups each for men and women detainees, offices of the SHO and other staff and the residential quarter of the SHO. The building needs to be preserved and declared as protected heritage. The City Police Station situated on Station Road celebrated its centenary in 2001. On the eve of its centenary celebrations, the building was renovated. It is regarded as city’s one of the oldest police stations. It has several residential quarters within its campus. While the rest of the plot was converted into a residential plaza, meant for the accommodation of police personnel.

The Cantonment Police Station is contemporary to City Police Station. Recently it was completely reconstructed.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: EFT]

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