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Noor Muhammad High School, Hyderabad

The School was established on the site of old Anglo Vernacular School, under the auspices of Muslim Educational Society. The school was created through donations of various zamindars of Sindh. Following the demise of Advocate Noor Muhammad, the school was named after him.

Advocate Noor Muhammad, worked day and night to get his school project completed. Besides this he also initiated work to establish a boarding house to facilitate the poor students belonging to far flung areas of Sindh province. He was succeeded in creating a hostel called Makhdoom Bilawal Hostel, just behind Civil Hospital in the Hirabad area. The hostel comprises over 100 rooms, a vast kitchen and dining blocks and a grand mosque. Until the mid 1980s the hostel was jointly shared by the students of Noor Muhammad High School and Government Muslim Science College. Following the outbreak of ethnic riots in the city, the hostel was evacuated from the students and occupied by the personnel of law enforcing agencies. Since then the entire hostel premises are under their control. The hostel premises has been converted into a headquarter of Qasim Rangers.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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