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Nawab Wali Muhammad Leghari, Hyderabad

The mausoleum of Nawab Wali Muhammad Leghari, Prime Minister of Sindh, during Talpur era (born in 1165 A.H. and died in 1247 A.H.), is situated in Pathan Colony, behind CMH, near the Dargah of Haji Ghulam Muhyuddin Sarhandi. He died in Larkano during his stint as the Prime Minister. His mortal remains remained buried as an Amanat for quite long time in Larkano’s Tajar Bagh (famous because of the vaulted chamber built over the temporary grave of Nawab Wali Muhammad). Later on, his body was relocated to the present site and the tomb was built by his son Nawab Ahmed Khan Leghari. He was a ruler, a brave soldier, poet and a Hakeem.

[Source: Images and Text: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Waheed Chandio]

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