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Mukhi House, Hyderabad

Like many cities of Indo-Pak, Hyderabad has been famous for its magnificent architectural master pieces. However, due to increase in the population and growing need of small resiential units, majority of those palaces or the havelis built by the Hindu dwellers long before the partition have vanished. Despite several attempts by numerous agencies or the individuals occupy the palatial structure of Mukhi House, its grandeur couldn’t be changed or challenged. It was set ablaze during mid 1980s ethnic riots and subsequently it was converted into a hostel to accommodate personnel of law enforcing agencies, who saved it from any unauthorized possession (qabza) till it remained in their possession.

Mukhi House was constructed by Mukhi Jethanand son of Pritamdas. After his death, his brother Gobindram was the successor of the building. The building is situated near main gate of Pucca Qila and opposite Homestead Hall.

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