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Miani War Memorial, Hyderabad

The Battle of Miani (or Battle of Meeanee) was a battle between British East India company forces under Charles Napier and the Talpur Amirs of Sindh led by Mir Nasir Khan Talpur. The Battle took place on 17 February 1843 at Miani, Sindh.

The Battle of Miani was fought between forces of Mirs of Upper, Lower Sindh and the British forces. The war memorial planted in the Miani, where the battle was fought between the Talpur and Britishers.

The Baluch were forced to quickly re-mobilise their army but could not do so effectively as the army was mostly raised on a voluntary basis in times of war and most of the Baluchis had returned home. Nevertheless, an army of around 8,000 - mostly cavalry - was raised and assembled at the battle ground of Miani. Disastrously for the Talpur Amirs another 8,000 troops under Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur (later known as Sher-e-Sindh or "Lion of Sindh") failed to reach the battle ground in time. Napier had already successfully isolated the Amir of Khairpur (thereafter known as the great traitor by the Sindhi) by bribery and title. Thus the Baluchi army assembled at Miani represented approximately a ⅓ of the potential military strength in Sindh. Although the East India Company later gave its troops numbered in the battle as around 2,800, contemporary Talpur records indicated the armies were approximately equal in numbers (around 8–10 thousand each) with the British having around 2,500 European officers and soldiers and the balance comprising Indian sepoys.

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