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Ladies Club, Hyderabad

Situated just besides City Gate Hotel, the Ladies Club, Hyderabad, has a long chequered history. The idea of establishing Nari Sabha (Ladies Club) was conceived by the Hindu community way back in 1929. The club was built in memory of a Hindu lady named Chatur Bai Advani. The lion’s share of the cost incurred on the construction of the building was borne by Chatur Bai’s son. The plot, furniture and fixtures were acquired through donations received and collected up to 1940. In all, 153 members were enrolled and the club became functional on its present premises in 1941.

Leelawati Harchandani alias Dadi Leela, a highly respected educationist, is perhaps the last living founding members of this historical monument. She was hardly in her mid-teens when she joined the Nari Sabha. Not only she became its founding member but also actively participated in the growth of the budding institution. The services of two dance and music teachers were acquired and about 40 girls were enrolled in the Dance and Music School. The fundamental objective of Nari Sabha was to create awareness among women and to encourage social welfare, literary, cultural and educational activities among them, Dadi Leela composed a good number of awareness songs and delivered them in the school and club functions.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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