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Khatian Jagirdars, Hyderabad

The tomb of Khatian Jagirdars of Moosa Khatian is situated in deh Sibki, near village Sipio Abu Talib in Moosa Khatian. The splendid structure of tomb contains the mortal remains of as many as 11 Jagirdars, Generals of Talpur army and martyrs of Battle of Miani. According to Muhammad Moosa Khan Khatian-ll, a 77 years old head of Khatian tribe, the tomb was built in early 19th century, by his great grandfather Muhammad Moosa Khan Khatian-I over the mortal remains of his father Muhammad lsmaeel Khan Khatian, who was the General of Mir Fateh Ali Khan Talpur. The entombed included: Muhammad lsmaeel Khan, Muhammad Moosa Khan-I, Ghulam Muhammad Khan, Ghulam Shah, Ghulam Hyder, Jan Muhammad, Ghulam Hyder, Mubarak Khan, Ghulam Hyder and Jan Muhammad. Shaheed Karimdad Khan, who fought and martyred in the Battle of Miani is also buried in the tomb. The graves are plastered with lime. The interior of the tomb is decorated with beautiful frescos. The tomb is built on a platform with compound wall. Its southern portion is occupied by the ancient graveyard of Haji Ratnani.

Beside the tomb is an ancient mosque, which was also built by Muhammad Moosa Khan Khatian-I for the purpose of offering Janaza prayers of deceased ladies of Khatian tribe. Structurally, the mosque is roofless. According to Muhammad Moosa Khan Khatian-ll, the mosque built in the graveyard for the purpose of offering Janaza prayer were not provided with roof. Muhammad Moosa Khan Khatian-I also built yet another three-domed mosque in the town in 1224 A.H.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Aziz Soomro]

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