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Jamia Arabia Girls High School, Hyderabad

This school was established by a Hindu philanthropist Saith Kundan Mal in 1914. Total cost incurred on its construction was estimated to be Rs. 78000. Within a year after its completion the school was upgraded to the status of high school. It was being funded by the municipality. Situated on the foot of Tilak incline, the beautiful building of school has two wooden stairs each on its left and right sides. School’s old library on its first floor containing a vast treasure of ancient book is inaccessible and is closed for students. It has very vast and spacious hall meant for the extra mural activities of the students. Interior walls of the building bear memorial stones of the individuals who contributed during the course of its construction. Presently the building houses four different schools (two each in one shift). The building has a unique architectural significance of being a mixed masonry of stone and pucca bricks.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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