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General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, Hyderabad

General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, a brave soldier of Talpur Army sacrificed his life, while engaging in a brilliant battle with the British Army on the battle ground of Dubbo across the main Railway Line, near Detha Railway Station. The battle field has been marked with a memorial stone pillar which was erected by the British. It is surrounded by a small graveyard of Talpur soldiers, who sacrificed their lives while pitching a battle with the British. The grave of Gen. Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, famous as “Hoshoo Sheedi”, was discovered few decades ago at a nearby village of Budho Khan Siyal. The un tagged stone grave with carvings, has been covered in the chamber which was constructed by the Sheedi community. The community also regularly celebrate functions at the mazar to commemorate Hoshoo’s bravery. Another version about the actual location of Hoshoo Sheedi’s grave, suggests somewhere in the Pucco Fort, Hyderabad. According to Mr. Madad Ali Shindhi, a renowned journalist and an old citizen of Hyderabad, that way back in 1960s, a grave with stone carvings was discovered in the fort area, to which the writers and historians of that time became convinced and formed an opinion about it to be of General Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, whose dead body was transported here by the British and buried it full military protocol. Mr. Madad Ali further disclosed that following the discovery of Hoshoo Sheedi’s mazar in Pucco Fort, nationlist leaders started frequent visits to it. “Shaikh Ayaz after getting freedom from jail in the 1960s, was driven to the Pucco Qilo by his comrades, where he offered fateha on the mazar of Hosh Muhammad Sheedi.” However, with the passage of time, the remains of the old grave, which was supposed to be that of Hosh Muhammad Sheedi lost its existence.

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[Source: Text and images: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Waheed Chandio]

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