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Ganjo Takkar Graveyard, Hyderabad

An ancient graveyard situated on hilltop of Ganjo Takkar is family necropolis of Talpur notables of Tando Mir Mehmood. An ancient vaulted chamber of brick masonry is the only historic tomb structure in the graveyard. It houses a grave, which is stated to be an unknown lady called “Khairi Mai”. No details are available about the said lady. According to Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur, the custodian of family heritage and history of Talpur family of Tando Mir Mehmood, this graveyard happened to be their elders and there are no concrete facts available about the origin of Mai Khairi. Among other notables who are buried in the graveyard included former defence minister, Mir Ali Ahmed Khan Talpur and his younger brother Mir Rasool Baksh Khan Talpur, who also served as Governor of Sindh during early 1970s. The graveyard is surrounded by industrial area.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Badar Abro]

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