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Dubbo War Memorial, Hyderabad

The Battle of Dubbo (or The Battle of Dubbo in contemporary references) was fought on 24 March 1843 between the forces of British East India company and the Talpur Emirs of Sindh near Hyderabad. A small British force, led by Captain James Outram, were attacked by the Talpur Balochis and forced to make a fort of the British residence, which they successfully defended until they finally escaped to a waiting river steamer. After the British victory at Meeanee (also spelt Miani), Charles Napier continued his advance to the Indus River and attacked the Sindh capital of Hyderabad. Hyderabad was defended by 20,000 troops under the command of Mir Sher Muhammad Talpur and Hosh Mohammad. Charles Napier with a force of only 6,000 men but with artillery support stormed the city. During the battle Hosh Mohammad was killed and his forces routed; Baluchistani resistance collapsed and Sindh came under British rule.

The battle ground of Dubbo, for the first time earmarked by the Britishers. They erected a monumental stone bearing the details of the casualties. Besides the monument lies graveyard of Talpur martyrs. At a brief distance from this site is the grave of great Sindhi warrior, Shaheed Hosh Muhammad Sheedi, who fought bravely against the British Army and his famous chant, “Marsoon Marsoon Sindh Na Daisoon”, usually reverberate in the political rallies and public meetings in Sindh.

[Source: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo]

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