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Circuit House, Hyderabad

The double-storied building of Circuit House was built in 1912. It is situated on the city’s main thoroughfare Thandi Sarrak, opposite Rani Bagh. Circuit House comprises of five suites with a vast grassy area on its facade. It has an old wooden staircase. It meant for the boarding and lodging facility to the officers of the provincial or the federal governments, including ministers, members of assemblies, chief ministers etc. recently an annexy was built in its compound.

Many historical events are associated with this building especially pertaining to the Hur Movements. The top brass of the military or the police engage in to containing Hurrebellion in Sanghar were provided accommodation in this res house.

[Source: Text and Old Photographs: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates and New photographs by EFT, Field Visit December 2018]

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