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Bhurgrris Graveyard, Hyderabad

On Muharam 5, 1212 A.H. an armed group of Noohani tribe stormed the Haveli of Jehan Khan Bhurgrri and killed as many as seven people including Raees Jehan Khan Bhurgrri and left many injured. The battle between the Noohanis and the Bhurgrris that took place near this historical necropolis, was the result of a petty dispute between the Jamalis and the Noohanis. Jamalis were protected and supported by Raees Jehan Khan Bhurgrri. The situation further worsened when the Bhurgrris led by Raees Jehan Khan attacked a group of armed men belonging to Noohani clan and killed two brothers. This resulted into an armed conflict between the two tribes despite the intervention of Talpur ruler of Hyderabad.

The necropolis of Bhurgrris situated in Tando Hyder, contain carved stone graves of Raees Jehan Khan Bhurgrri, Raees Abdullah Khan, Raees Rustam Khan Bhurgrri, Raees Muhammad Khan Bhurgrri, Raees Ghulam Hussain Khan Bhurgrri, Raees Hassan Khan Bhurgrri and Raees Bahadur Khan Bhurgrri. The historical graveyard of Bhurgrris famous in the area is fast deteriorating and the disloded grave stones are lying scattered all over the p ace. The brick kilns established around the graveyard have further caused destruction to the historical necropolis.

[Source: Text and Old Photographs: Hyderabad Revisited by Momin Bullo | Coordinates and New photographs by EFT, Field Visit December 2018]

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