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Badshahi Bungalow, Hyderabad

The Badshahi Bungalow is the Palace of Prince Mir Hassan Ali Khan Talpur, the son of the last ruler of Hyderabad Mir Naseer Khan Talpur. This Palace is located in Tando of Talpur Mirs in Latifabad Unit No. 4. This historic palace of Talpur Mirs was constructed in 1863 AD.

This Badshahi Bungalow was well kept by its owner Mir Muhammad Ali Talpur of Tando Mir Noor Muhammad until it was nationalized and sealed for years by former Prime Minister Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto in the 1970s. This wonderful palace was neither restored by the government nor its owners were allowed to maintain it. This palace was returned to its owners by the ministry later, but the owner then faced financial problems to maintain it properly. Mir Haider Talpur, its present owner and custodian, also faces similar problems. A fund for the preservation of the heritage sites of Hyderabad would greatly help preserve its vanishing glory. [source]

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