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Mian Yaar Muhammad Kalhoro, Dadu

Mian Yaar Muhammad Kalhoro Graveyard is located at the distance about 2 km from the Jamia mosque Khudabad, on the main Indus highway south of Dadu, connected with the former by a metalled road. It is located in Taluka and District Dadu.

Total covered area of the graveyard is 12 acres. Graveyard consists of Tajars, tombs and many graves are scattered within the mausoleum.

The tomb of Mian Yaar Muhammad Kalhoro is located in the western half of the enclosed area. There are three graves inside the tomb. It is mentioned that the construction of the tomb was order by Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro in 1701 A.D. and finished during the time of Mian Noor Muhammad.

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