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Hairo Khan Thull, Dadu

The Hairo Khan Thul is located in village Hairo Khan, Johi Taluka, District Dadu. The Thul is rectangular in shape. It is 29’-11” high from the ground level. Its width is 27’-6’ from the base and it is narrow at the top. The thul is built with mud bricks, baked bricks and mud mortar is used as a binding material. The size of the burnt bricks is 11”x 6”x 2”.

On the southern and northern side of the Thul (at ground level), there are arched/curved openings/tunnels on both sides. The height of the arch is 5’and width is 3’1.5”. A stair case leads to the top of the stupa on the northern side. On the top of the stupa there is a round shaped burnt bricks circle 5’-11” in diameter and the circumference is 14’0”. The size of the burnt bricks used in this circle is 11.6”x 2”x 5”.

Hairo Khan Thul is perhaps of the Buddhist period, the remains of such Thuls/stupas of Buddhist period are found in various parts of Sindh. Budhism was spread in Sindh during the Kushan dynasty (78-175 A.D.) in the era of Kanishka. These stupas or Thuls were most probably constructed between 5th-7th Century A.D. In Sindh, the structures of the stupas are quite different. They are either hemispherical, semi-rectangular heaps and cylindrical in the shape of towers. This Thul seems to be one of the series of Thul's found in various parts of Sindh.

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