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Drig Bala Graveyard, Dadu

Mir Allah Yar Khan Graveyard is located in Drig Bala village. Drig Bala is situated in the Kaacho area, about 30 km northwest of Johi. On the eastern side of Khirthar Mountain. It is on the left bank of Nain Gaaj.

The graveyard is locally called as Mir Allah Yar Jaa Quba. The graveyard is spread over an area of about ten acres and it belongs to the Talpur Mirs, who were the descendants of Mir Manik and his elder son Mir Allah Yar Khan Talpur (the founder of Tando Allah Yar).

In the graveyard there are 14 tombs, included canopies, tombs belong to; Mir Manik (the father of Mir Allah Yar) Mir Chhuto Khan (brother of Mir Allahyar), Mir Allah Yar Khan, Mir Saindad, Mir Tharo (son of Mir Manik Khan), Mir Suleman Khan (father of Hotak and Manik), Khair Mohammad Jamali, Muhammad Bakhsh Jamali, Allah Ditto Surhio, Ghot and few others are also buried in this necropolis.

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