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Chinni Thull, Dadu

The Thul is located in village Chinni, Taluka Johi, Dadu District. It is situated on a hill. The thul is in round shape and small in size. It is 11’high from the hilltop. Its circumference is 67’-6” and diameter is 21’- 6”. The outer layer is made up of hill sandstone block masonry about 7’-6” from ground level and inner layer which is made up of mud is 3’-6” from block masonry upwards.

Chinni thul is perhaps of the Buddhist period, the remains of such Thuls/ stupas of Buddhist period are found in various parts of Sindh. Budhism was spread in Sindh during the Kushan dynasty (78-175 A.D.) in the era of Kanishka. These stupas or Thuls were most probably constructed between 5th-7th Century A.D. In Sindh, the structures of the stupas are quite different. They are either hemispherical, semi-rectangular heaps and cylindrical in the shape of towers. This Thul seems to be one of the series of Thul's found in various parts of Sindh.

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