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Soman Sarkar Shrine, Badin

The shrine of Hazrat Saman Sarkar is situated about 7 kms off Pangrio town in the east and about 26 kms off Tando Bago town. It is in Deh Chur and Union Council Pangrio.

The special feature connected to this dargah is that its followers usually visit it and make rounds around the grave holding a rooster in their lap and upon completing the cycle they usually hand over the bird to the mujawars to get their wishes/dreams fulfilled. While some sacrifice their precious bird and get it cooked in the nearby hotel and enjoy consuming the delicious food. While facing towards the dargah, a chain of Jhooprra hotels has grown in the shrine premises to facilitate the pilgrims and are doing thriving business. At the time of annual urs celebration which take place on 14th of Shawal every year, thousands of pilgrims throng to dargah and makeshift colorful bazaars are set up. The annual urs of dargah is considered to be the biggest village fair of the entire district. However, unhygenity that take place in the premises of dargah due to mass slaughter of roosters by the pilgrims is required to be controlled by the management of the shrine. The dargah is under the administrative control of Oqaf Department, government of Sindh and Syed Ali Bakhsh Shah is the Gadi Nashin of dargah. The shrine was recently reconstructed and renovated. Jhuddo town of Mirpurkhas district is situated about 25 kms off here in the north.

Text and Photographs: Badin: History Unfolds by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Khalid Hanif

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