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Pir Tajuddin (Ismaeeli), Badin

The sprawling shrine complex of Pir Tajuddin alias Shah Turail in Deh Durmano, Union Council Peeroo Lashari, Taluka Talhar, is a main pilgrimage centre of the Khawaja Ismaeeli community of Sindh. The shrine is stated to be 800 years old. The shrine complex comprises the tomb of the Pir Tajuddin, two Jamaat Khanas, a single domed mosque, a tajar containing the graves of female relatives of the revered saint and musafirkhanas. At the main entrance of the shrine, lies a chamber of graves of Syed community. It comprises over ten graves. It is covered with a wooden ceiling richly decorated with paintings. The eastern portion of shrine is rich with deposits of pottery and broken bricks. The mela is observed in March every year which is mainly financed by the community.

Text and Photographs: Badin: History Unfolds by Momin Bullo | Coordinates: Khalid Hanif

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